Consultant to provide direct assistance to working groups and institutions who lead processes for establishment of the referral mechanism in cases of education drop-out risk

Terms of Reference for Consultant

to provide direct assistance to working groups and institutions who lead processes for

establishment of the referral mechanism in cases of education drop-out risk

in targeted locations: Brčko District BiH, Bihać and Bijeljina.

Project name: BRIGHT4ALL – Basic RIGHT to Education for ALL Children in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Project location: Bosna i Hercegovina - Una-Sana Canton, Tuzla Canton (FBiH), Prijedor and Bijeljina (RS), Brcko Distrikt BiH

Duration of the task: 12 working days in period October 17 – December 21, 2018

Cooperating/implementing partners: CSOs Youth Center centar „Vermont“ Brcko; Association „Zene sa Une“ Bihac

The project is funded by the European Union  – European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights


Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization for children. Save the Children vision is a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Save the Children's mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

Having in mind needs and rights of the children as well as the situation in the region, Save the Children and its partner organizations jointly work on improving the situation for children in next areas: child rights governance, right to education, rights to protection against violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect and rights of children in emergencies. In tackling the most sensitive issues that affect children the most, especially children from vulnerable and marginalized groups, we implement our activities in cooperation with 25 partners – civil society organizations, government institutions and children groups, from grass-root to state level.

Save the Children in North-West Balkans (SCiNWB), based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (B-H) conducts its activities in three countries: B-H, Serbia and Montenegro and supports realization of regional initiatives in the area of South East Europe.


All children and adolescents in B-H have the right to quality and accessible education. Current educational system in B-H is highly politicized and characterized by discrimination and decline of quality in education. Educational policy emerges from a fragmented and complex system that operates under specific mandates, and most importantly under restricted powers. With support of Save the Children, recently there have been some improvements in addressing education issues by the relevant authorities within their respective territories of competence and there is a notable interest by some of them to undertake significant reform processes to improve quality of education, aiming at universal school enrolment. Despite of the efforts, there are still children who are either left out of the education system or drop-out at an early age, without completing even the basic, compulsory education. 

Some of the problems that the education in B-H faces include high level of school drop-out, especially among vulnerable groups, raising costs for formal and informal education, lack of reliable and disaggregated data on school drop-out and weak advocacy capacity of CSOs to engage in promotion of the basic right to education for all children.The partners in the project implementation are civil society organizations: Youth Centre 'Vermont' Brčko and  Association 'Zene sa Une' Bihac.

The BRIGHT4All - Basic RIGHT to Education for ALL Children in Bosnia-Herzegovina project is focused on school drop-out,  identification of root causes of school drop-out in order to determine its scale in targeted locations and to identify and promote retention factors and to  prevent school drop-out.The BRIGHT4All project aims to shed light on the issue of education drop-out and to provide qualitative and quantitative data on the scale and scope of this problem in five targeted regions, to forewarn on lack of systematic approach in addressing this issue there and to initiate systematic solutions for prevention of early drop-out education of vulnerable boys and girls (with special focus on Roma, children with disabilities, children from rural areas and other children at risk), respectively encouragement all children to be enrolled in the educational process.

One of the activities within BRIGHT4All project is defining and adoption, respectively  establishment of the referral mechanism in cases of education drop-out risk in targeted locations – Brcko District BiH, Bihac and Bijeljina.

Prevention of drop-out requires mobilization of all relevant stakeholders, competent individuals and institutions, in an attempt to react in a timely manner to every case of school non-attendance. This activity will identify and pin point the responsibilities of each institution and its respective employees in the chain of early detection and prevention of drop-out. It will also ensure coordination among institutions and regular monitoring of education drop-out.


As part of the BRIGHT4ALL project, Save the Children seeks Consultant (applying as an individual or applying on behalf of a company or organisation, hereinafter “Consultant”), with relevant experience for this task: experience in lead of the working groups; experience in direct work with representatives of the local community institutions; knowledge of the legal framework, institutions competences and coordination mechanisms as well as good understanding establishment process/ess of the referral mechanisms. 

The purpose and aim of the consultant's engagement is to provide direct assistance to working groups and institutions who conducting processes for setting up referral mechanisms for action in cases of education drop-out in targeted locations: Brcko District BiH, Bihac and Bijeljina. The Consultant is expected to:

  • Develop implementation plan and realize direct support in targeted locations: Brčko District BiH, Bihać and Bijeljina;
  • Actively participate and engage at working groups meetings in Bihać, Bijeljina and Brčko District;
  • Directly enagege on finalisation of the drafted referal mechanisms for acting in the cases of education drop-out in above mentioned targeted communities (drafts prepared by working groups there) in order to ensure quality and complying with standards;
  • Prepare advocacy plans for adoption of referral mechanisms for acting in the cases of education dropout in three targeted locations – Brčko District BiH, Bihać and Bijeljina (in consultation with working groups); 
  • Propose relevant activities for encouraging adoption and implementation of referral mechnisms in three targeted locations.

It is planned four (4) working days of consultancy at each od targeted locations, in total 12 working days, which implies development of implementation plan, field visits and realisation of direct support in targeted locations: Brčko District, Bihać and  Bijeljina.


The Consultant will submit a technical and financial proposal including work methodology and detailed work plan. The Consultant is expected to propose his/her own methodology and specific work plan for implementation of the task. An agreed comprehensive activity calendar will guide the process.

During the engagement, consultant will work with partners’ organizations staff, and as needed with Save the Children staff in Sarajevo.


In order to perform all scheduled tasks, the Consultant will be hired for the period October 17th – December 21th 2018 (12 working days min.). 


Consultant should possess the following expertise and skills as a minimum:

  • Minimum University degree in the field of social and humanistic sciences (M.A. or PhD in relevant field is an advantage);
  • Minimum of five years of experiences in conducting same or similar tasks, with experiences in communication/delivering tasks directed to professionals, decision makers, parents, civil society organisations;
  • Multiannual experience of working with local communities;
  • Good experience of working with marginalised groups of population;
  • Full understanding of concept for referral mechanisms development and establishment;
  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to communicate detailed concepts clearly  and concisely (both in writing and verbally);
  • Strong analytical and creativity skills;
  • Fluency in English and BHS languages;
  • Good experience in use/work with computers programs.


The Consultant must indicate the prices he/she is offering to Save the Children as part of the engagement, including the currency, in the “Bidding Response” document as well as “SC-PR-10 - Request for Quotation” if applying on behalf of a company or organization. It is necessary to provide a narrative clarification of each budget activity demonstrating how they relate to the proposed methodology and work plan. The budget headings and specific budget lines must be listed in the proposed budget.


Interested consultants or companies/organisations should develop and submit the bidding proposal (accompanied with relevant annexes) in English language to respond to above mentioned specific tasks. The bidding proposal should include:

Package for individual consultants (complete if applying as an individual):

1. Bidder Response document - individuals;

2. CVs format - individuals (maximum 3 pages) emphasizing relevant experience.

Download forms here.

Package for company/organisation (complete if applying on behalf of a company or organisation):

1. Bidder Response document;

2. CVs of each team member (maximum 3 pages) emphasizing relevant experience;

3. SC-PR-10 - Request for Quotation.

Download forms here.

Interested candidates should send their applications to no later than Monday, October 15, 2018. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Potential applicants may ask for clarifications by email address:

No person performing any task for or on behalf of Save the Children must not in any way be involved or associated with the abuse or exploitation of children as described in the Save the Children Child Safeguarding Policy.

Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contract - Part-Time

Closing date: Sunday 14 October 2018

All jobs close at midnight UK time on the date specified

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