Workshop on the importance of education and role of school and parents in education held in Mostar

Thursday 13 June 2019

 To mark the World Day Against Child Labour on 12 June, the Importance of Education – Role of School and Parents in Education workshop for parents and children was held in the field classroom of Mostar Drop-in Centre for street involved children in the Bafo settlement.

“Today we talked about the ways parents can contribute to success of their children in school, and what skills and knowledge are needed. Our objective is to find the best answers with the parents”, said Ajla Konjhodžić, Psychologist and Coordinator at the Mostar Day Centre, which is managed by the Altruist association from Mostar, with the support from Save The Children organisation. The workshop was administered by Suzana Bevanda, a teacher and Željka Jurić, a social worker.

“The workshop is useful for me, I learned a lot of new things, we talked, and the Centre is particularly useful because I have three schoolchildren who regularly attend activities here, they get help with their homework, prepare for tests, and they are much better at school thanks to this”, says Rahmana, one of the workshop participants. Emina is also satisfied with the workshop:

“At today’s workshop, I had a great time, I relaxed, talked, and had a different day than usual”, says Emina, whose two children regularly visit the Centre:

“They attend a group of pre-school children and I am glad they have that opportunity, they can better prepare for school, and while they are here, I can finish all my chores at home”, she adds.

Fatima, whose four grandchildren visit the Centre regularly, was also at the workshop:

“Two of them are in the pre-school, and two are in the group of older children. They have a good time here, and so do I.  Workshops such as this are excellent, mothers get to know each other better, receive useful advice and talk”.

Recently, the field classroom of Mostar Day Centre in the Bafo settlement has gotten a new playground renovated owing to a donation from the Atlantbh software company, whose team decided to support the children and families from this area in their right to a healthy and safe childhood and uninterrupted development.

While moms were at the workshop, the children, who had the opportunity to try the newly renovated playground, were accompanied by Gianna, a volunteer from the USA, and social work students who visit the Centre to volunteer, assist the children to develop different skills, and gain useful practice.

“I love Tuesdays and Fridays the most, those are the colourful days and that’s when we play! I love to come here on other days too, and especially spend time with our students!”, says Elma, a five-grader, and the seven-year-old Emsel adds that he also likes the ‘colourful days’ the most.

Matilda, a student of the second year social work course, says she enjoys visiting the Centre three times a week:

“It is my pleasure to spend time with the children, help them, feel useful, and also gain important practice, because it is my wish to work with children in the future”, says Matilda.

Ajla Konjhodžić, the Psychologist and Coordinator at the Mostar Day Centre, says that workshops with per-school children are held every day at the field classroom of Mostar Day Centre in the Bafo settlement, and school children have instructions and educational workshops two times a week.

“We have been working continuously with the children, and had daily communication with the parents, whom we empower through all these joint activities, and whom we also work with in the Family Strengthening project, which is particularly important when it comes to support for socially vulnerable groups of the population”, she concludes. 

Text and photo:  Almir Panjeta/Save the Children