Thursday 1 December 2022

Like a bridge across cultures: The work of cultural mediators in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tehsin is cultural mediator for Urdu language and shares his experience working with children on the move in Una-Sana Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wednesday 16 November 2022

Report: One in two refugee children from Ukraine are anxious and worried about their future

Save the Children research finds 50% of children aged under 16 now experience anxiety, this figure increases to 78% for children over 16 years old.

Tuesday 18 October 2022

Terms of Reference for ASSESSMENT (Factors affecting poverty among children and their families in BiH) of the Child Protection – ENVISION II (NCE) Project

Save the Children is seeking the Evaluator - consultant or research consulting firm to design and conduct:

Assessment of factors affecting poverty among children and their families in BiH.

Assessment should use methods that generate the highest quality and most credible evidence that corresponds to the questions being asked, taking into consideration time, budget, and other practical considerations.

The main purpose of the consultancy is to identify factors that are affecting poverty among children and their families in BiH and to gather data on the impact of identified factors. Also, the assessment should produce a set of recommendations for future actions on the topics of poverty reduction, specifically targeting vulnerable youth.

Thursday 13 October 2022

Terms of Reference for individual, agency or organization to deliver training for capacity building for teachers, mentoring and support to organization of children school mini campaigns in area of climate change, waste management and DRR

Save the Children in the North West Balkans seeks an individual/agency/company/organization, to deliver capacity building training for school teachers on climate change, waste management, air pollution and facilitation and organization of workshops for school children, to provide mentoring and support to teachers in organizing and delivering specific workshops on the abovementioned topics and to provide support for teachers / children / school councils to plan and to organize child led informative awareness raising campaign focused on contributing to raising awareness in communities through local schools on the importance of tackling climate change negative impact, with a specific focus on waste cycle management and air pollution monitoring. Specific objective is to enable two schools in Sarajevo region to adopt virtuous practices in the context of climate change mitigation actions.

Friday 16 September 2022

TOR for consultant to develop training program related to Child participation for partner organizations who lead Drop in Centres and deliver a training based on developed program

The purpose of this consultancy is to 1) develop a training program related to Child participation for partner organizations who lead Drop-in Centres for street-involved children and other children at risk, and 2) deliver a training for partner organizations/DiC professionals, aiming to ensure quality support in creating effective and meaningful models of child participation which will be integrated in DiCs’ regular working methodology. All developed programs and materials have to be in line and consulted with Save the Children’s guidelines and toolkits[3] on child participation.