Friday 6 August 2021

Poziv za angažman za izvođenje radova adaptacije i manjih građevinskih radova u tri škole u Tuzlanskom kantonu”

Svrha ovog angažmana je izvršenje građevinskih rekonstrukcijskih/adaptacijskih radova u svrhu poboljšanja fizičkog okruženja I pristupačnosti škola za svu djecu, uključujući I djecu sa poteškoćama promovirajući inkluzivne vrijednosti i univerzalni dizajn. Ministarstvo obrazovanja i nauke TK je identificiralo tri (3) škole u tri općine (Kalesija, Lukavac i Banovići) u kojima je neophodno izvesti radove definirane idejnim (ID) projektom.
U tu svrhu, Save the Children poziva različite iskusne građevinske firme da dostave svoje ponude za ovaj angažman.

Monday 5 July 2021

Blog post: Supporting refugee and migrant children in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In this article, Save the Children MEEE Regional Office Director, Jeremy Stoner, reflects on his visit to Una-Sana Canton and our programmes for support to refugee and migrant children.

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Terms of Reference (ToR) for a Consultant/Agency to design and implement a capacity building program for children and youth on the topics of online, photo and video journalism

Due to the small number of applications, the deadline is extended to July 16th 2021.

We are looking for a consultant/agency to design and implement a capacity building and mentoring program for children beneficiaries of drop-in centers in five locations in BiH and two in Montenegro on the topic of online/photo/video journalism. After the completion of the training program, children and youth should be able to identify relevant stories in their communities, (primarily relating to children’s rights), and express their opinions and possible solutions to identified issues in the form of article/photo or video story. Save the Children will facilitate the promotion and placement of produced stories in the local and online media, and towards relevant decision-makers. It is expected that the skills gained through this training will help children, and especially young people soon growing out of DiC services, to develop different competencies required in the labor market of today, thus contributing to their future employability.

Monday 21 June 2021

“Terms of Reference to produce a Video Documentary for the project Inclusive4All: Inclusive education for all children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

This assignment aims to provide expert support in producing a video documentary that will be used to increase public awareness and better inform the audience about the inclusion of children with disabilities in the regular system and the positive results of CDIPs established by the project. The documentary should highlight significant success stories of beneficiaries of the 2 CDIPs, offering a compelling portrait of how these children and families compensate for the daily education issues by using their strengths to overcome their challenges

Monday 24 May 2021

Terms of reference for consultancy for a creating Rulebook that provides services in the field of social protection in the Brčko District, as well as the Rulebook licensing of service providers and accreditation of services in the subject area

The consultant is expected to prepare a Rulebook (By-law)on detailed conditions and standards of work of organizations providing services in the field of social protection in Brcko District and a Rulebook (By-law) for licensing service providers and accreditation of services in the subject area, present draft documents to the Brcko District BiH Child Protection Working Group and staff SCI and collect comments to finalize the documents.