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Protecting people across borders

Protecting borders should not come at the expense of protecting people. Ahead of the Western Balkan Summit we call on Heads of States in the EU and in the Western Balkans to address the following concerns and recommendations...

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Refugees and migrants at the Western Balkans route

Refugees and migrants at the Western Balkans route

Data and Trend Analysis (DATA) Refugees and Migrants at the Western Balkans Route Regional Overview, covering period January-March 2018, describes key trends in migrations in the region, detailing information about the number of people on the move, demography (age, sex, country of origin, etc), behavioral patterns, and routes in use - with a focus on children, particularly unaccompanied children. DATA is a project launched by Save the Children’s Balkan Migration and Displacement Hub (BMDH). The goal of this initiative is to synthesize valuable information on migration, especially on refugee and migrant children, and contribute to evidence-based programming and policy-making within the region. Balkans Migration and Displacement Hub, January – March 2018.

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Svako dijete – bez izuzetka

Svako dijete – bez izuzetka

Najtrofejniji bh. tenisač i 30. igrač na svjetskoj ATP listi Damir Džumhur, ambasador organizacije Save the Children, podržao je društveno odgovornu kampanju ...

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