Terms of Reference for consultant to develop and adapt e-learning course for blended learning

Petak 3 September 2021

Terms of Reference for consultant to develop and adapt e-learning course for blended learning







Project name:

Child Protection Hub

Project location:

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project duration:

27 months ( January 25th 2019 – November 30th 2021)

Duration of assignment:

October 1, 2021 – November 30, 2021


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OAK foundation
Austrian Development Agency




Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. In North West Balkans and around the world, we work every day to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. When crisis strikes, and children are most vulnerable, we are always among the first to respond and the last to leave. We ensure children’s unique needs are met and their voices are heard.  We deliver lasting results for millions of children, including those hardest to reach. We do whatever it takes for children – every day and in times of crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share.
Having in mind needs and rights of the children as well as the situation in the region, Save the Children and its partner organizations jointly work on improving the situation for children in next areas: child rights governance, right to education, rights to protection against violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect and rights of children in emergencies. In tackling the most sensitive issues that affect children the most, especially children from vulnerable and marginalized groups, we implement our activities in cooperation with 25 partners – civil society organizations, government institutions and children groups, from grass-root to state level.


Save the Children in North West Balkans (SCiNWB), based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (B-H) conducts its activities in three countries: B-H, Serbia and Montenegro and supports realization of regional initiatives in the area of South East Europe.





A complex Bosnia and Herzegovina administrative structure continues to hinder provision of social protection for all categories of population, including children and especially those from the most vulnerable socially excluded categories. Lack of resources and capacity is noticeable at all levels and institutions, affecting planning, funding and monitoring functions at B-H local, cantonal, entity and central level. The increased number of people in need and limited resources for providing social assistance, leaves a number of potential beneficiaries of social services without much needed support. Rigid requirements for fulfilment of the right to social protection, inadequate targeting and insufficient resources pose a huge problem for the most vulnerable beneficiaries, especially children. The Centres for Social Work, due to insufficient staff, lack of resources and expertise often do not have a capacity to provide social services of sufficient quality. Despite a relatively high level of public expenditure, the social protection systems remain largely inefficient. In order to protect against all forms of violence and abuse of children in Southeast Europe and beyond, and working together locally, nationally and transnationally, Child Protection Hub promotes synergies and increased efficiency of child protection organizations, while offering online professional development opportunities. The goal of Child Hub is to identify and promote local knowledge and talent. Child Protection Hub contributes in its own capacities so that the child protection workers expand their knowledge with numerous courses, webinars and learning opportunities as well by expanding their connections and helping them create new opportunities in their work.


In order to strengthen the quality of services provided to Child Protection Hub analyses existing programs that work with children, parents and professionals which can contribute to a better social protection system in BiH. SCNWB developed the Program for development of social-emotional competencies with pre-school and school children with a manual/guidelines including work plan, activities, templates, data collection mechanisms, methodologies of work and monitoring tools. Taking into account the fact that parents/families are the most direct and influential factor in the process of physical, cognitive, social and emotional progress and development of the child, the programme promotes a balanced approach to risk and protective factors in an attempt to reduce and neutralize the effects of risk factors and stimulate the effects of protective factors. In this sense, the programme, whenever possible, stimulate positive, develop potentials, improve skills, encourage functional relationships and connections, i.e. promote strengthening of child, parents, family and their connection with the informal, personal and/or formal community support network.






A purpose of this consultancy is to create and adapt eLearning course to train child and social protection professionals in programme implementation aiming to ensure quality support to families/caregivers who are direct beneficiaries of the centres for social welfare.

The consultancy implies collaboration with protection experts who primarily design, develop, and deliver face to face training programs to ensure that the content developed is suitable for the digital space and online learning environment and is adapted to the contexts of local civil society organizations working in the aid sector in humanitarian contexts. These contexts are often characterized by limited amount of time to dedicate to professional development, low internet bandwidth and extensive use of mobile devices to access the eLearning’s. eLearning’s will also be made available in Bosnian/ Serbian/ Croatian language.

The consultant should have demonstrated experience using instructional design (ID) methodologies to develop micro-learning as well as longer-form e-learning courses e-learnings with content staff on child socio-emotional development.

Additionally, Consultant is responsible for the multimedia creation e.g.: to film the eLearning course modules with voice over, adapt content created by the Subject matter experts for blended learning (online and offline learning) and design the course for the best use of learners.

The consultant must be able to create content that is purpose-built for multiple modalities, to deliver an experience for our learners that is nearly identical in face to face experience or an e-learning course.






Development of socio-emotional competencies eLearning course

·        To adapt the existing programme for online learning;

·        To provide instructional design, analysis and pedagogical consultancy for the eLearning course.  

·        To develop the eLearning: structure of content, multimedia elements (e.g.: H5P and interactives, PowerPoint, video and audio editing) as well as graphic design and infographics;

·        To create a moodle (https://academy.childhub.org/) compatible course structure in SCORM or by using other moodle functionalities;

·        Advisory support;

·        Review of content and identification of design improvements;

·        Technical troubleshooting.






A consultant is expected to carry out the following activities:


Activities related to the objective

  • To utilize existing programme tools to adapt for eLearning purposes as well as blended learning, or develop new ones, if needed, which should be reviewed and approved by Save the Children staff prior implementation.
  • To adapt the existing programme for online learning.
  • To create separate modules of programme for online learning.
  • To co-create learning scenarios and structure together with Save the Children staff on the Child Protection Hub project.
  • To co-assist in the design and final product of the eLearning course together with Save the Children staff on the Child Protection Hub project.
  • Together with the Save the Children staff, determine the overall “look” of the eLearning course, determine how many slides, graphics, animations will be included in the course, and create contents and subject of the materials to ensure on the interactivity of the course as well as making them complementary to the course.
  • Co- create an engaging interactive scenario that feels "real" to learners, and helps them relate to the learning process so they find it believable in guidance and advisement. Determine if a scenario can provide the requisite level of interaction that a situation demands. A scenario is akin to a practice activity; it recreates reality within a virtual environment where learners can learn and hone their skills. These practice sessions should compel learners to think and act in a way they would do if they face these situations in real life.
  • To provide instructional Design for the development of the eLearning course:

● Learning design;

● Pedagogical consultancy;

● Liaison with SMEs from Save the Children to develop content;

● Development of content for learning support aids;


  • To provide eLearning Development:

● Structure of content on LMS;

● Creation of H5P and interactives;

● Conversion of content into different language outputs;

● Proactive selection of suitable activities to enrich learning experience online (instructional design knowledge);

● PowerPoint and presentation development;

● Video and audio editing;

● Graphic design and infographics;

● Consultancy and review of existing assets for curation;

● Video and audio production;






The consultant will submit technical and financial offer which includes description of the methodology and detailed work program. During the engagement, the consultant will mainly work with Save the Children staff in Sarajevo as well as other consultants on the engagement. In order to adequately prepare for creation of defined consulting assignments, it is crucial to review all the relevant documents of the respective subject area.






The Save the Children staff based in Sarajevo will be the main contact for the consultant.


Duties of consultant:

·        Consultant is fully responsible for this assignment.

·        Consultant will liaise with Save the Children staff throughout the process, providing regular updates and seeking their input and advice where necessary.

·        Consultant will prepare a detailed task timeline and methodology and, in collaboration with members of Save the Children and partner consultants, monitor the creation of Program for development of social-emotional competencies eLearning course. Save the Children will have access to all relevant documents prior to their finalization.

·        Consultant will adhere to the timeframe of the consultancy.

·        Consultant will deliver final report.


Responsibilities of Save the Children:

·        Provide all background materials for the Consultant. (See Attachment 1.)

·        Ensure the participation and support of other consultants.

·        Monitor adherence to specified deadlines; facilitating access to required information.

·        Provide guidance throughout all phases of execution, approving all deliverables, and facilitating, access to any documentation (or any person) deemed relevant to the process.

·        Share deliverables with stakeholders.

·        Perform quality control, as required of all deliverables.






8.1. Deliverables


-         Programme for development of social-emotional competencies eLearning course in accordance to the scope and activities described in the section 5.

-         Final report of finished work and activities executed in accordance with agreed timeline. All reports should be submitted in English and local language.     


In order to perform all scheduled tasks, an independent Consultant shall be hired for the period



-         Activities related to the specific objective


-           Submitting report after eLearning course is developed


-           Total number of consultancy days


* The time frame can be changed in consultation with the relevant staff of Save the Children






Consultant should possess the following expertise and skills:


·        Education in Instructional Design, Digital Arts, or equivalent (using adult learning principles, methods, theories, and techniques) for global audiences;

·        Extensive experience creating in-product micro learning, miniumum 2 years. In all eventualities, a portfolio showcasing your outstanding craft – required;

·        Mastery of standard content development tools required;

·        Knowledge of on premise vs cloud and hybrid solutions required;

·        Video, e-Learning, micro-Learning design and development with a portfolio – required;

·        Ability to plan and execute an e-learning course that is: Task-based; Based on a formal instructional design with frequent interactivity; The plan must include: Storyboard; On-screen information assets; Animations – required;

·        Excellent written and verbal skills—UK English – required;

·        Mastery of web services concepts and digital principles for development – required;

·        Proficiency with Articulate products (Rise, Studio, Storyboard as a minimum) and Ispring. Experience with other e-learning creators is an advantage.

·        Beginning abilities with HTML5 / JavaScript / node.js or equivalent to – desired;

·        Voiceover artistry capabilities, with appropriate pacing, clear enunciation and pronunciation may be an added value;

·        Classroom / Virtual classroom ID / CD / training experience – desired.






The consultants must indicate the prices he/she is offering to Save the Children as part of the contract, including the currency in the Bidding Response document as well as SC-PR-12 Request for Quotation if applying on behalf of a company or organization. Provide a narrative clarification of each budget activity demonstrating how they relate to the proposed methodology and work plan. The budget headings and specific budget lines are obligatory within proposed budget.

*Note: Include consultancy fee, task related travel costs and all the other expenses that may present itself for this engagement and tasks (if any).






Interested consultants or companies/organisations should develop and submit the bidding proposal (accompanied with relevant annexes) in English language to respond to above mentioned specific tasks. The bidding proposal should include: 1. Package for Consultants companies OR 2. Package for Consultants Individuals:


Package for Consultants individuals (complete if applying as an individual):

1. Bidder Response document;

2. CVs format - (maximum 3 pages) emphasizing relevant experience.

3. SC-PR-12-Request for Quotation







SC will make a decision on the most successful bidder, subject to the available budget, based on the following criteria:

·        Education in Instructional Design, Digital Arts, or equivalent using adult learning principles, methods, theories, and techniques) for global audiences – 10 points;

·        Experience in relevant field (2 to 5 years of experience 5 points, 5 or more years of experience 10 points);

·        Classroom / Virtual classroom ID / CD / training experience (5 points);

·        Beginning abilities with HTML5 / JavaScript / node.js or equivalent to; and Proficiency with Articulate products (Rise, Studio, Storyboard as a minimum) and Ispring. Experience with other e-learning creators is an advantage (5 points);

·        Metodology (max. 30 points).

·        Commercial 40 points:

•                  Price  40 points.

No person working on any task for or behalf of Save the Children may in no way whatsoever be involved or related to child abuse or exploitation as defined in the Save the Children's Child Safeguarding Policy. The contracting authority also requires that the personal data of all evaluation participants must be protected and stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation - (EU) 2016/679 and the national law on personal data protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH Law on Personal Data Protection, Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina No. 49/06).






Interested candidates should send their applications to procurement.nwb@savethechildren.org no later than September 20th 2021. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.


Please find enclosed document for application: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tHNBCCJZwU9iE7_11PN70ICZTtUKYmvb/view?usp=sharing