Call to local CSOs to apply for mini grants for prevention of school dropout

Monday 13 August 2018

Save the Children, in cooperation with Association “Žene s Une” Bihać and Youth Center “Vermont” Brčko, announces the call to local civil society organizations to apply for mini grants for the development, establishment and promotion of innovative solutions for the provision of services at the level of local communities for children who left education and children at risk of early school dropout at targeted locations.

Expected results of implementation of small grants include development and application of local support services aimed at preventing early school dropout and integration into the education of children who have already left school in Bihac, Bijeljina and Brčko District areas.

Grants are awarded in the total value of 60,000 euros, 20,000 euros for each of the three areas - Bihać, Bijeljina and Brčko District.

Detailed call and application guidelines are available here:

This activity is being conducted under the project „Bright4All – Basic Right to Education for All Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina“ funded by the European Union with €350,000.

The project Bright4All – Basic Right to Education for All Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina aims to identify the causes of school dropout, offer data on the size of this problem in five target regions (Una-Sana Canton, Tuzla Canton - FBiH, Prijedor and Bijeljina - RS and BiH Brčko District), warn as to the absence of a systemic approach to this problem and initiate systemic solutions to prevent early school dropout among children from vulnerable groups.

During 2017, a research on proportions and causes for school dropout has been carried out, involving 1,229 children and 128 professionals, with the aim of identifying the root causes of early dropout in education. The results of the research are the basis for further planning of activities in order to provide support to children in realization of their basic right to education.

Report on the research results is available here:




Deadline for submission of project proposals: 27.9.2018.