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Utorak 22 June 2021

Terms of Reference (ToR) for a Consultant/Agency to design and implement a capacity building program for children and youth on the topics of online, photo and video journalism

Due to the small number of applications, the deadline is extended to July 16th 2021.

We are looking for a consultant/agency to design and implement a capacity building and mentoring program for children beneficiaries of drop-in centers in five locations in BiH and two in Montenegro on the topic of online/photo/video journalism. After the completion of the training program, children and youth should be able to identify relevant stories in their communities, (primarily relating to children’s rights), and express their opinions and possible solutions to identified issues in the form of article/photo or video story. Save the Children will facilitate the promotion and placement of produced stories in the local and online media, and towards relevant decision-makers. It is expected that the skills gained through this training will help children, and especially young people soon growing out of DiC services, to develop different competencies required in the labor market of today, thus contributing to their future employability.

Ponedeljak 17 May 2021

Terms of Reference for a consultant/agency to develop and implement training session on International Classification of Functioning, Health Disability, and (ICF).

To encourage and promote the inclusive approach within the Canton system and support a continuous improvement of professionals, Inclusive4All promotes a workshop about functioning and disability as essentials areas for clinical practice, research, education, health, and social policy and advocacy. Increasingly, countries are enhancing their data about functioning and disability using the WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF). However, to be a standard and comparable tool, ICF has to be applied consistently worldwide by all users. That means the ICF aims, rationale, and the specific skills needed to use it must be taught in an accessible and standardized manner. A workshop to introduce the ICF model and the classification terms (ICF basic principles, structure and application in different settings) need to be implemented to reach this objective.SC, therefore, invites requests for proposal from various experienced individual consultants and/or agencies to carry out training for max 30 participants (specialists, public officers, and representatives of local communities working in TK as specified in this Terms of Reference).

Utorak 16 March 2021

Terms of Reference for a Consultant - Inclusive for All

The purpose of this assignment is to provide expert support in the preparation and implementation of specific training on education and rehabilitation procedures in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for professionals working in CDIPs in Tuzla Canton.

The main aim of this training is to educate and build skills of professionals of the CDIPs to work and adequately plan, organize and implement support for children with ASD. In the course of the training, participants should get detailed information about the developmental and functional specific features of children, the assessment methods and how to plan and implement support, all based scientific evidence and on examples from practice.

Četvrtak 25 July 2013


U maju i junu 2013, sale općinskih skupština za sjeverozapadni Balkan su svjedočile naglom padu prosječne starosti svojih korisnika kada su se okupili lokalni Dječji parlamenti i održali svoje prve sjednice na Cetinju i u Bijelom Polju u Crnoj Gori, odnosno u Vogošći, u Sarajevskom kantonu, u Bosni i Hercegovini. Formiranje Dječjih parlamenata je pomogao Save the Children, dok su za realizaciju zaslužni lokalni partneri – Centar za prava djece Crne Gore i Naša djeca iz Sarajeva.